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Connected Equine provides bodywork for horse's to assist in achieving and maintaining musculoskeletal soundness, helping them to feel and perform at their very best.

Various modalities are used within a session including:

  • Soft Tissue Bodywork,

  • Tucker Biokinetics,

  • Emmett Therapy,

  • Myofascial Release,

  • Mobilisation & Range of Motion Movements,

  • Trigger and Focal Point Therapy,

  • Sure Foot Pads,

  • Bespoke stretching programmes to address issues that are related specifically to your horse.

A Connected Equine session begins with a detailed history regarding your horse's health. Any pre or existing injuries and concerns are discussed, training schedule, discipline and goals are noted.

Moving on to a dynamic observation of your horse's movement where I will watch your horse move allowing me to assess their gait and compensatory patterns.

A full body palpation of your horse's musculoskeletal structure will then follow to further investigate any areas of restriction, weakness, tension or pain identifying areas that need addressing.

After the session where we discuss my findings, I will show you some exercises and stretches tailored to your horse to assist in maintaining the benefits until our next session.


By incorporating bodywork into your good health management plan you can significantly reduce the risk of injury and enhance your horse's wellbeing and performance.

  • Chronic tension,
  • Over use,
  • Repetitive strain,
  • Soft tissue trauma,
  • Restriction,
  • Muscle weakness and imbalance

can all lead to injury... Bodywork can help identify these conditions.

Bodywork can help restore optimal function by,

  • relieving tension and restriction,
  • increasing range of motion,
  • Increasing flexibility,
  • promoting better blood flow to aid healing,
  • reduces pain, muscle spasm, soreness and muscle fatigue.

To get the most out of your bodywork session please don't ride your horse before our session as this allows me to see your horse before the muscles are warm.
Have your horse caught, unrugged, dry from sweat and clean from mud/dirt before your appointment time.

After your horse's session please allow them access to move around freely to explore the changes made within their body and to maintain blood flow.

Your horse may need to have a short time off after their session, so please book your session to fit in with their training schedule.


Connected Equine was created out of a passion for helping horses

regardless of discipline, breed or age.

Helping horses is something I love and knowing that I have helped a horse feel better in a positive way makes every day worthwhile.

I've spent many years studying and becoming certified in Equine Bodywork, Tucker Biokinetics, Emmett Therapy, Trigger point therapy, and gait analysis and am continually expanding my knowledge on the amazing equine form and function.

I'm also a qualified human massage therapist which has given me a great understanding and feel for muscular tissue.

I believe in a holistic approach and that everything is connected, so I use a mixture of modalities within my sessions, and often it is the most subtle work that has the most profound effects.

I am happy to be part of your horse's wellness team and discuss your horse with your Vet, Chiropractor, Farrier/Trimmer, and other health care professionals where needed.

I am a qualified Equine Bodyworker. I work within my scope of practice, I am not a vet. Bodywork is not a substitute for veterinary care, I will not diagnose a specific injury.

If you are in doubt about your horse… Please call your vet.


Leny has a lovely energy that my horses adore. She puts so much thought, time and care into every issue you may have. I highly recommend her to help your equine partner feel their best.

Can highly recommend Leny.
Incredibly knowledgable and a genuine professional. Leny treated both my performance horses for the first time and after two days I saw a noticeable difference in suppleness and attitude to work.

Nice work Leny - I called my horse tonight after your visit today and normally it takes him 10 minutes to get up the hill - tonight he galloped over to me. Haven’t seen him move so nice in the paddock for months.

Leny has such a beautiful way with interacting and helping my horse release things that are holding him back physically from his work. Loving the changes I see in him.

I’m looking forward to helping your horse.

Helping horses across the Macarthur, Wollondilly, Illawarra, South Coast, Hawkesbury, Southern Highlands, Southern Tablelands and everywhere in-between.

From elite performance horses, treasured trail horses, endurance, western sports, jumping, racing and paddock potatoes, I would love to help them.

I'm happy to travel out of area for multiple horses, please feel free to ask.

Contact Leny on 0407 212 079 or email me


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